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1. Create your author profile

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Who is the person behind the words? Tip: Become a local author by adding your hometown.

2. Pinpoint your book's locations

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Mark the spots where your story takes place. Whether it's a charming café in Paris or a hidden beach in Bali.

3. Effortless discovery

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Book discovery has never been so simple and engaging. The Squirl app brings your books to where readers live, work and travel.

You are in great company

Discover real-world locations from these books and more on the Squirl app.

Questions and  answers

Do you have a question? Don't hesitate to ask us.

  • What is the cost of adding my books to the Squirl app?

    Squirl is free for both authors and readers.

  • How many settings should I add per book?

    There is no limit on the number of settings you can add. Most authors add 3 to 10 settings.

  • Which bookstores can I link to?

    You can link to Amazon, iBooks and Bookshop.org

  • What kind of information should I add to my settings?

    Every setting is an open canvas. We recommend adding a brief location excerpt. Feel free to add additional background information.

  • Can I add settings that don't exist in the real world?

    Go ahead and add them to the Squirl app! Real-world places that inspired fictional settings are some of our favorites!

  • Can I add a book that is not published yet?

    Yes, it is a great way to tease your book. You can easily share a link to your locations on Squirl.



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