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Add your book's settings to the Squirl platform for free.

In a world where a new book is added to Amazon every 5 minutes and classics remain on the bestseller lists for years, even decades, discovery is every author's #1 issue.

Relevance and real serendipity are hard to achieve without a big marketing budget or an army of social media specialists. Add your book's real-world settings to the Squirl platform once, and you are all set!

No matter if you are a bestselling author or you just wrote your first novel, readers can bump into your book's settings and step right into your story. Every setting becomes a portal into your book and a highly engaging sales opportunity,

Best of all, Squirl is completely free for both authors and readers!

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Squirl Maps book overview

In the future, everything that is ever written about, for example, Trafalgar Square in London, could be visible while one stands in Trafalgar Square.

Kevin Kelly
Founder Wired

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Introducing Squirl Maps

A shareable map of your book's settings..

Some of our favorite settings:

The Excerpt

Create a portal into your book's universe. Readers will feel like they are stepping right into the story.

The Teaser

Your book isn't available yet? Create a Squirl Map to tease readers. Don't give away too much!

The Inspiration

Is there a place that inspired your fictional setting? An encounter that inspired a character?

Books added to the Squirl app will automatically be available on our new platform, Squirl Maps. Each map can be shared for promotional purposes or as a story companion for your existing audience. The integrated Streetview feature teleports readers right into the middle of their favorite scene!

Share your book’s unique map for a chance to win a spot in our featured section for one full week! Every map visit from your fans and followers is an extra chance to win.



Relevance and serendipity